Celebrity Management

Our Celebrity Management Services provides talent management and career guidance for bollywood Singers, actors, performers, producers, directors, and writers for the stage, film and television aspects of the entertainment industry.

Live In Concert

We book Live Shows with Bollywood singers and Music bands. We manage live Performance events with our talented and experienced Bollywood singers, instrumentalists, and Known musical bands.

Awards Show

Being a professional Celebrity and Entertainment company we expertise in delivering Best remarkable and Memorable award show ceremonies. Since there are several types of award ceremonies each with a different approach, style, and objectives like internal, external, recognition or PR building Services.

Government Events

Our Company is one of best Celebrity management companies for Government events in India. Over the years, our team has become well-versed with government processes and protocols.

Corporate Events

Corporate events play a big part in expanding the growth of the business. Organizing the corporate event often is quite important for attracting more clients for the business to make your event go successful.

Wedding Events

Wedding planning company whose training, expertise and contacts will help make your wedding as close to perfect as it possibly can be. Destination wedding venues and other support services etc.